Will there be a membership fee?

    Yes, the YMCA will have a membership fee.

    A discounted YMCA membership will be available to Ridgefield residents once the Ridgefield YMCA opens.

    For more information on YMCA memberships, please visit: https://www.ymcacw.org/membership.

    What features will be included in the Recreation and Community Center?

    The Recreation Center will include an indoor gym with elevated walking track, lap pool, family pool, fitness area and programming areas.

    The Community Center features are still to be determined, and this will be a community conversation.

    Can I get involved with the YMCA before they open?

    Yes! You can find more information on their current programs here: https://www.ymcacw.org/programs

    When will construction begin? When will it open?

    Our current rough timeline is as follows:

    • Summer 2024: Finalize Building/Site Design and Submit Permit Applications.
    • January 2025: Permit-ready.
    • Spring 2025: Break Ground.
    • Summer 2026: Open Doors

    Is there a plan for the increased traffic?

    To better support the increase of traffic in Ridgefield, a new roundabout will be constructed on Pioneer to provide access to the YMCA and into the east end of Discovery Ridge. To learn more about the plan for increased traffic, please visit the I-5 to Royle Road Transportation Improvements project page.

    We were told it would open in 2024. Why did it get delayed, and how do we know that won’t happen again?

    The global pandemic had long-lasting impacts on the YMCA funding and local markets. These impacts stopped the process to construct the facility due to YMCA funding constraints.

    With this new proposal, the City and the developer can move the project forward into construction, with the YMCA committed to join as the owner of the recreation facility or manager of the facility. Construction of the facility under this plan no longer depends on YMCA fundraising.