Cascara (Rhamnus purshiana)

This small native tree boasts small flowers and purple fruit that feed many native birds. Its foliage turns brilliant yellow in autumn.

Mature Height: 30 feet

Mature Spread: 15 feet

Tree Shape: Upright oval

Leaves: During growing season, the broadly oval leaves are dark green. As autumn deepens, the leaves turn first clear yellow, then rich gold.

Flowers: In May, small green-white flowers appear that have a slight, spicy scent.

Fruit: Plump and rounded berries spend the summer turning green, then red, then black as they ripen.

Native: Yes. This native tree grows from northern British Columbia south into California and east into Idaho and Montana.

Interesting Facts: Butterflies are attracted to the flowers, and many native birds are attracted to the fruit. The bark is famous for its laxative and tonic properties.

Update: At their meeting on Thursday, February 24 City Council reviewed the public input for Downtown Trees. The result was strongly in favor (72.9%) for the Eddie's White Wonder Dogwood. After discussion and evaluation of the ability of Public Works to secure the trees, Council approved a motion to select the Eddie's White Wonder Dogwood to be planted in the 21 empty tree wells in Downtown Ridgefield. Thank you to all who participated in this survey!

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